Thank you for attending the Living Lite Hypnosis Centers 3 Hour Weight Loss Class Recently.

Below is a recap of what you learned at the class as well as your “homework” assignments.

For 3 days:

Eat only protein for breakfast.

Good sources of protein are:






Pay attention to your energy and hunger levels. You should notice a decrease in hunger and increase in energy.

Eat a healthy lunch—not while you’re working! Be sure to have protein for lunch as you still need the energy to carry you through the rest of the day.

Go for a walk after lunch to clear your head and re-energize your body.

Have a healthy snack between 3-5, depending on your schedule. This is really important; it will prevent you from eating too much at dinner and beyond.

Have ½ shot glass of organic grape juice 5-20 minutes before dinner to help you eat fewer calories.

Eat one thing for dinner. Your body doesn’t need much fuel in the evening and it’s time to begin to wind down. You may be surprised to see how satisfied you feel with just a small amount of food.

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Katie Evans

Katie Evans, Keynote Speaker
Clinical Hypnotherapist
CEO Living Lite Hypnosis Centers


Consistent exercise is the most important component in taking weight off and keeping it off. Find what you like to do (remember recess) and good reasons to do it (your personal motivators). Walking is great exercise. Ideally you’ll do 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week. You may want to work up to that. Put yourself on your schedule. You’ll have a better chance of actually doing it. You can go to recess 10 or 20 minutes at a time if that works better for you.

Emotional Eating:

When you find yourself heading for the kitchen in the evening, stop and ask yourself if you’re hungry. If you are, then eat something healthy in quantities best for your body. If you aren’t, give yourself permission to eat after you ask yourself some questions.

Question #1: “What am I feeling?” When you get an answer, think about how you can deal with that feeling instead of eating it.

If you don’t get an answer to question #1, ask yourself:

Question #2: “What just happened”? Something triggered you to head for the kitchen. Behavior is not random; there are always reasons you do what you do. When you begin to identify what motivates you to eat when you’re not hungry, you can control it better. Information is power.

If you want to uncover further motivations to eat, ask yourself:

Question #3: “When was the first time I responded to this situation, especially if food was involved?” A memory may emerge from your subconscious giving you an “Ah-ha” moment. More information= more power.

General Guidelines for a Healthier Lifestyle:

Remember, your stomach is the size of your fist. You may want to look at your fist before you eat anything, to get perspective.

It may help you to imagine your hunger on a scale between 1-10 with 0 representing starving and 10 is stuffed.

If you eat when your hunger lever is a 2 and stop when it’s a 5, you will never again have a weight problem. Play with this concept. It helps.

Listen to a hypnosis CD daily. Some set their alarm for 20 minutes earlier and listen then. It’s like getting an extra hour sleep.

Recommended Products:

Wax Orchards for chocolate substitute ( )

Morning Star Farms for vegetarian and vegan frozen foods. (Check out the “corn dogs”). They are great!

Ruckpack Energy Shots. No caffeine or refined sugar, just great, long term energy. ( )

Sleep Time Teas to sleep better without drugs.

MICROWAVE COFFEE CUP SCRAMBLE (A great, fast, protein breakfast)

2 Eggs

2 Tablespoons fat free milk

2 Tablespoons low fat shredded cheese

Greek Seasoning OR Salt and Pepper, to taste

Coat coffee mug with cooking spray. Add eggs and milk and beat with a fork until blended. Microwave about 60 seconds. Stir. Add cheese and seasonings and microwave 35-45 seconds longer. Stir and cool.